Hello. I’m Jon Hodkin. I am a cyclist and a tuba player. Way back in the year 2000, I hatched the idea of combining those two passions. I think this was the first ever photo!

In the beginning. . . InnerTuba back in 2000.

And this was the first promotion shot….. taken in advance of InnerTuba’s first professional tour, funded by the Arts Council of England’s “Year of the Artist” project……

during which, over 21 days I pedaled a tad under 1200 miles across England’s East Midlands Region. I gave a total of 42 solo performances. Here’s a photo following the second ever show, 20 years ago !

Over the subsequent years InnerTuba has pedalled and performed extensively throughout the UK. For the first time, in summer 2019, I took the show overseas, to Midwest USA. InnerTuba was introduced to brand new audiences ….

let me come and play at your place !….

InnerTuba can usually set up and perform easily at your venue. (Lots of steps and stairs and narrow doorways and corridors can be tricky though !). During the Midwest USA Tour, schools were on holiday, but I pedalled to and performed at summer camps, older people’s homes, day centres for adults with special needs, in hospitals, and with a number of brass and concert bands…. Your venue could be next !

Preparing to play at Kirkwall Library during the September 2018 “Enterprise Music Scotland” Tour on the Orkney Islands.