If you like what InnerTuba is doing and want to support it, donations are welcome. Any monetary donation, no matter how small, is appreciated. I’m currently raising money both here in the UK and USA toward the planned Mississipi River Tour – which, Covid allowing, will be undertaken in 2023.

Unlike many other innovative, unusual projects, InnerTuba is a relatively simple, inexpensive idea to put together, and get on the road. It’s not like funding, say, the build of an ocean going competition racing yacht, or a foreign tour for a professional symphony orchestra. But equally, it can’t operate without some funding.

Currently, I’m raising money in support of the InnerTuba Mississippi River Tour. The plan sits hand in glove with information written by the US Visa Authorities…. I quote:

If you are an amateur or a member of a group of amateurs performing in a social and/or charitable context, or as a competitor in a talent show or contest, you may be eligible for a B-2 visa, provided you will not be paid for your performance. You may, however, receive expenses incidental to the visit.

Although you cannot be paid for your performance, you may be performing where an attendance fees is charged.

Provided the fee is just to cover or defray the actual cost of holding the event, or if there is a profit, the money goes to charity rather than a commercial cause, the B-2 visa is still ok.

Please note: An amateur is someone who normally performs without remuneration (other than an allotment for expenses). A performer who is normally compensated for performing cannot qualify for a B-2 visa, even if they do not make a living at performing.

Perfect… The visa application fee of $160 is, today, what your donation suppports. Once that’s paid, I’ll update you on the next funding priority. Thank you in advance.

To donate in UK Pounds, from the UK, please use the Paypal button here – it’s linked to a UK bank account.

If you are in the USA you can donate in US Dollars herethe Givebutter crowdfunder is linked to a US bank account.

Thank you.  Jon Hodkin.