Welcome !

What words describe the things you love to do  – the things you do which make you,  you ?

For me, the answer lies in 4 words, each one beginning with T. It’s all about my Tuba, my Tricycle my Trailer and my Travels with them.

I believe that it’s good for people to play music, and to cycle,  and to journey near and far in adventurous ways.

Through my Tuba Triking Trailer Travels,  I  can connect with people and share the 4 T’s with them.  Together, we create experiences of sight, sound,  thought and action which glow.

That’s what InnerTuba,  the Adventures of a Triking Tubadour, is about,  for you and for me,  mile after mile ……  welcome to the journey.

Jon Hodkin.  Tuba Player and Cyclist. Founder of InnerTuba.