Thanks to Supporters

I frequently say, because it’s so true, that whilst InnerTuba is a solo show, it’s by no means a solo effort; it can perhaps be regarded as a loose collective of people who bring many skills together. Examples include composers, makers of musical instruments and tricycles,
photographers, journalists, recording engineers, carpenters, cycle mechanics, retailers, webhosts, home hosts – the list goes on, but you get the ideaand you too can Get involved !

When InnerTuba has the opportunity to tour – to engage in its reason for being – the journeys become a rolling celebration of these people’s special talents, all so generously contributed to InnerTuba. Huge thanks to you all.……

I’m adding content to this page a little at a time. If your support isn’t endorsed yet, please get in contact, or check back again soon. This is quite a big job !……

Please click on the images to visit supporters’ websites:

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There are several ways in which you or your organisation can join this happy band of InnerTuba’s supporters…….Why not Get Involved today ? …..