My Tribute

The 2012 relaunch of InnerTuba was, and remains, in memory of the love of my life, Karin Prior.

Born in Ontario, Canada, in 1961, Karin died peacefully in August 2012 in her adopted home, the Western Isles, Scotland, shortly after a car crash.

Karin quietly applied her many skills to better the lives of others, every day of her life.

As a children’s occupational therapist in the Western Isles, she worked tirelessly to improve the lot of young people with special needs. She is deeply missed by them, their parents, their teachers and all who continue to support them.

Outside of work she was a dear friend to many.

Karin never liked to be the centre of attention. I will respect this as I work toward my ultimate tribute to dear Karin – an InnerTuba coast to coast tour across the country where she was born, Canada.

Jon Hodkin.