House Concerts

Upcoming House Concerts are all postponed for obvious reasons. I’m still actively planning more, all with dates to be confirmed. We can enjoy the idea of having lovely events to look forward to, even if we can’t have them now ! …….

Cromarty, Highlands, Scotland – POSTPONED.

Lancaster, NW England – POSTPONED.

Spartan Press Music Publishers, Kingussie, Highlands, Scotland – POSTPONED. Not a house, but a big warehouse full of sheet music !

Beauly, Highlands, Scotland – date to be confirmed.

Ullapool, Highlands, Scotland – date to be confirmed.

Please have a look at this video, filmed and edited by Pat Douglass…….

Photo – Pat Douglass

What a great video and photos of a lovely occasion, taken at InnerTuba’s first ever house concert, in late January 2020. I had read about them, then been to a few, then decided to have a go at performing at one myself. I like the grassroots simplicity of them – the gathering of like minded people in the warmth of a home.

Around 20 of us assembled at Stewart, Sandra and Alex’s house in Alness, Scotland. Our hosts were sublime !

I played a varied programme including original compositions, by William Gilmour and Katrina Gordon using piano accompaniment backing tracks recorded by pianists Ian Honeyman and William Gilmour, and some multi track recordings of me on tuba, playing live over the top !

I also tested the technology of delivering a photo and video presentation from my laptop through the house TV. It all worked really well….

It works – technical rehearsal complete !

Here’s what the hosts had to say about the event:

We were privileged to hold in Alness the first of a new series of house concerts featuring Inner Tuba. There were around 20 of us, including neighbours and friends, linked by themes of music, travel, cycling,tricycling, making sense of the past and exploring the unknown. The music, live and recorded, blended beautifully, and with some electronic  wizardry the whole audio-visual experience was incredible in our own living room. This was appreciated by the company who enjoyed a glass of wine and a light supper including quiche, veg curry, cake and coffee. We wish the project every success, and look forward to being involved in the future. We hope other hosts will get as much enjoyment as we have.

Stewart, Sandra and Alex.

Photo – Pat Douglass

I’m keen to perform at more house concerts – either whilst on tour or between tours, over winter.

The deal is quite straightforward. The host generously provides their house, invites every one of their friends, optionally offers up some food and drinks (or invites guests to bring their own) and encourages the audience to Donate Money toward InnerTuba’s development.

If, like me, you are privileged to have a home, please consider hosting a house concert – around an hour of music and tales of international travel with a tuba, tricycle and trailer, followed, maybe, by delicious food. Get in touch today !