The Adventures of a Triking Tubadour

A Racing Chance Encounter…

Looking up at the sky this morning it seemed that this year at least, the 25th January was set to be a dull overcast and somewhat miserable day.  A pity, thought Life Coach and photography enthusiast Stephen Moore of Transform2Succeed and me… …for today was the day we set for a polished photoshoot of the latest TubaTrailer improvements….. Looks good, eh?  – an HPRT (Human Powered Road Train to you), engineered with care for.. Read More

Endurance Challenge Fitness

I’ve reached my target – that of burning 10,500 calories at the Salt Ayre Sports Centre Gym during their “12 days of Christmas Calorie Cruncher Challenge”. Why a target of 10,500 calories ? Well, it’s like this. For every 3,500 calories burned, you earn a raffle ticket. That means I’ve got 3 raffle tickets to go into the prize draw, with a chance of winning £75 worth of vouchers from a big name.. Read More