The Adventures of a Triking Tubadour

Prototype 2015 TubaTrailer Chassis Revealed!

As promised, here are some pictures of the new prototype 2015 TubaTrailer chassis – so heads down for a technically leaning post … The photos show the latest incarnation of InnerTuba’s  TubaTrailer chassis developments – with generous design input from Nick Lobnitz of Carry Freedom. Nick’s design suggestions have been fabricated superbly accurately, and in extra quick time, by Colin Stones of Bike Repairs Lancaster. As you can see, the chassis design unusually.. Read More

Mileage at Last!

InnerTuba pedalled  80+ miles in and around NW England last weekend, trialling the new TubaTrailer. Handling and stability proved excellent on varied road surfaces and terrain… and there was the pleasure of performing in concert with Flookburgh Brass Band at journey’s end! One improvement since has been the installation of a Carry Freedom Lollipop Hitch – pictured below – into the towing bar.   Many thanks, yet again, to Colin Stones of for lending his fabrication and welding skills to the task!  

TubaTrike News

InnerTuba’s recumbent trike, the Trice Mini has undergone a total rebuild this month. Colin Stone of in Lancaster, England,  has overseen this and his 30+ years experience as a cycle mechanic has been invaluable in setting up the trike for its return to high mileage challenging use. Thank you Colin for the hours spent inspecting and servicing every last sprocket, bearing and cable….