The Adventures of a Triking Tubadour

Prototype 2015 TubaTrailer Chassis Revealed!

As promised, here are some pictures of the new prototype 2015 TubaTrailer chassis – so heads down for a technically leaning post … The photos show the latest incarnation of InnerTuba’s  TubaTrailer chassis developments – with generous design input from Nick Lobnitz of Carry Freedom. Nick’s design suggestions have been fabricated superbly accurately, and in extra quick time, by Colin Stones of Bike Repairs Lancaster. As you can see, the chassis design unusually.. Read More

TubaTrailer Developments!

The new chassis has been road tested and found to need some modifications to improve ground clearances.These are ongoing just now. We are also working on ways to reduce its weight further.  When alterations are complete the chassis will be road tested over many miles before commencing with the build of a new expedition body. In the meantime a new body is under construction for use with the original trailer chassis, pictured below:.. Read More