InnerTuba fundraiser – Blank Children’s Hospital, Des Moines, Iowa.

The InnerTuba all Iowa tour will be a cycling and musical challenge. Days on the trike will be long, performances frequent, miles covered high, and the summer heat will be, well, hot … A highlight of my visit will be riding all 427 miles of Ragbrai, beginning 21st July. It’s a huge event !

I believe the InnerTuba tour will attract widespread interest, which in turn will be harnessed to raise money for a home grown Iowan good cause – The Blank Children’s Hospital. Fundraising is intended not only as a “thank you” to Iowans for their generous welcome of me, but also it will be a significant development of the InnerTuba project, which has been an ongoing memorial Tribute since 2012. Money raised will support the hospital’s Child life Music and Arts Therapy programme, as follows:

“To further support the needs of patients and families, Child Life has added an Expressive Arts Therapy program focused on Music and Arts Therapy. The program provides children of all ages the opportunity to explore issues around illness and/or hospitalization, foster healing and engage in creativity – something most children have no shortage of! Arts Therapy is a successful part of the coping process, promoting a sense of independence and control. The program at Blank Children’s is funded 100% through donor support, and funding is needed to continue to serve patients and families.”

The Hospital’s in house fundraising team have created this dedicated online donations page. Thanks in advance for your generous support of Blank Children’s Hospital….