No sooner has the TubaTrike and TubaTrailer returned from Eccles, it’s time to strip it down again in preparation for the upcoming long haul through Scotland…..

Whilst I have been away on the Mini-Tour to Eccles, Mark Edmundson of Kudos Showers  has been busy building this new all plastic lid, which replaces the slightly leaky, not really weatherproof material one – both are pictured below.


The body will this week be “tanked out” to a totally watertight spec, using very lightweight 2mm ABS plastic sheet – again replacing the leaky material inner. It’s pictured ready to start here in one of Kudos Shower’s vast factory buildings…. Nice work Mark – appreciated. 


The chassis – designed by Nick Lobnitz of Carry Freedom, and built by Colin Stones of Bike Repairs Lancaster – has proven its reliability in several hundred miles of track and road trials now. It is superb, so it’s time to remove the surface rust and paint it.  Starting tomorrow…. 


Thanks to all those who, in so many ways, are assisting in the development of InnerTuba !