The Adventures of a Triking Tubadour

Heavens Above!

I was on the outskirts of Peel, Isle of Man, when I stopped to check directions to my performance at Peel Clothworkers School. But there was no one about to ask, until I looked up some scaffolding. Aha – a roofer – he’ll do! So I shouted up to him. After shouting back directions he said “That’s a Trice isn’t it?” “Yes” I replied. “I got an early one of them!” “One of.. Read More

Road Trials Commence!

The new TubaTrailer and reconditioned Trice Mini are now ready for extensive road trials, as can be seen below. All that is required now is the arranging of some insurances before InnerTuba can  tour again. As ever, many thanks to all who have helped get InnerTuba to its current status of road readiness!

TubaTrike News

InnerTuba’s recumbent trike, the Trice Mini has undergone a total rebuild this month. Colin Stone of in Lancaster, England,  has overseen this and his 30+ years experience as a cycle mechanic has been invaluable in setting up the trike for its return to high mileage challenging use. Thank you Colin for the hours spent inspecting and servicing every last sprocket, bearing and cable….