How far can I ride the TubaTrike, towing the fully laden TubaTrailer, in 24 hours?

Come spring 2015, we shall find out!

Yes folks, whilst the date and other arrangements for this long distance challenge are still at the early planning stage, preparations have already begun with regular visits to the swimming pool, gym, and outdoor cycle track (pictured) at Salt Ayre Sports Centre Lancaster, England.

Special thanks are due to Andy Forrest for agreeing to take on my endurance fitness coaching. Andy is not only on the staff of the Health and Fitness Dept at Salt Ayre, but he is also in his final year at the University of Cumbria, where he is studying for a Sports Science degree. He is also training in preparation for an Iron Man Triathlon in July 2015.

Andy became committed to sports and fitness following a couple of life changing events – five years ago he was hospitalised and underwent rehabilitation following not one, but two strokes!

Inspiring, motivating stuff, Andy – thank you for offering your skills and experience to InnerTuba.

We’ll keep you all posted as dates, venues, and the whole fitness story unfolds….