Some readers will know that this week passing has been Bike Week here in the UK. An annual nationally co-ordinated series of activities and events, aimed at encouraging folk to get out on their bikes and trikes. Here’s a fella who needs no encouragement – he’s entirely self driven…. dominicluther

Meet Dominic Luther – he and his folks Richard and Janet looked after me overnight in their Cheshire home last week.  We met through  Over the last 5 or 6 years, Dominic has cycled some 80,000 miles around the world (yes miles, not kilometres – I made that mistake too!) atop his Rohloff and S and S couplings equipped Thorn touring bike.  He’s at home for a few weeks with his folks to go to his sister’s wedding.  He’ll be off again soon after that – this time to Eastern Europe then  Africa.

Now for me, a heavily laden TubaTrailer puller, there are oodles of reasons why a recumbent trike is the vehicle of choice for my journeys, but for world tourers like Dominic, many of whom are yet to decide to carry a tuba with them, a touring bicycle draped with panniers is their choice of vehicle.  But can a bicycle ever win out in the race for comfort – a sumptuous recumbent seat versus a saddle ?  Mmm I think not, but take a look at this:

mantasaddleDominic swears by his Manta Saddle.  If, for any reason, you are among the many who find conventional bike saddles uncomfortable, you should try replacing it with one of these, he reckons !

More generally, Dominic has the perfect temperament for a life of long distance touring.  He is highly optimistic by default.  Of problems and difficulties whilst touring he takes the view that, even when things seem more than a bit tricky, something always happens to turn things around positively, usually by the end of that day…

Dominic, it was a pleasure – keep in touch with InnerTuba !