Twice a year the ordinary roads of the Isle of Man become a closed motorcycle racing circuit, hosting the world famous TT and Manx GP races.

Dotted along the route, triangular warning signs can be seen, along with ad hoc memorials to motorcyclists who have paid the ultimate price pursuing their love of “man and machine”. Some of the memorials are grand and famous, but many more are like this one pictured. The size of the screw head gives an indication of scale. RIP Leslie.

The remaining pictures give a contrasting indication of the normality of these lovely roads – ordinary folk going about their daily business, driving buses, cars, delivery vans, tractors, motorbikes, bicycles, and so on.

InnerTuba’s rig of TubaTrike and TubaTrailer, low slung and over three metres long, has been treated with consistent consideration by the vast majority of other road users during these past three weeks. My journeys have been pleasantly punctuated by careful overtaking, tolerance, patience, and the allowance to the TubaRig of the roadspace required for the speed it travels.

In a place so famous for its association with motor powered speed, (and at a time when the Island is smarting from some nasty crashes) I’m so pleased to be able to report this.

Good (as distinct from high) speed to all Manx road users, and thank you again for your care