Huge gratitude to Mrs Wilson’s P5/6 class pictured below at East End School, Elgin….

I was delighted to receive emails from them following my visit to the school on May 26th.  The class has given permission for the emails to be shown in full here.  There are 4 of them….  Enjoy !

1. Dear Jon,

We are Jack,Paige,Callum and Aaliyah and we writing to thank you for your awesome visit to East End Primary.  We enjoyed it when you turned a hose into a horn.  We all wondered how you manage to go everywhere on a tricycle with a heavy trailer on the back.  You must be very fit!  Thank you for telling us about your journey and what you’ve done in your life.

Good luck on the rest of your journey.

Yours sincerely,
Jack, Paige, Callum and Aaliyah
P5/6 East End

2. Dear Jon,

Thank you for coming to East End Primary School. We were very surprised about your fantastic show about InnerTuba. We were very fascinated about how you made all those different sounds with other objects. The InnerTuba show was great. We hope you can come again soon. We also wish you great luck on the rest of your journey.

Kind Regards,

Chloe, James, Hector, Hannah H and Cailey
P5/6 East End School

3. Dear Jon,

We are writing to you to say thank you for your visit to East End School.  Our names are Rhys, Ross, Lauren, Hannah and Alyssa.  We really enjoyed it when you made sounds out of the hose.  Thank you for coming and sharing your story with us.

We wish you good luck on your journey and hope the weather improves for you. We also hope you don’t have too many hills to tackle.

Yours sincerely,

Rhys, Ross, Alyssa, Lauren and Hannah

4. Dear Jon

We are writing to say thank you for the visit you made to our school.  You taught us a lot of things we didn’t know.  We learnt about your life and that you can make sound and instruments out of a lots of things.

Our favourite part was when you changed normal items into instruments. You made a sound with a hose and a shell which we enjoyed.

We learned about your life and how you live.  That was interesting.  We hope you enjoyed your visit to East End Primary and enjoy the rest of your journey.

Yours sincerely,

Charlie, Jon, Klaudia, Kieran and Corey
P5/6 East End Primary

There’s nothing more for InnerTuba to add, apart from Thank you P5/6 for the Thank you’s. very much appreciated !