The Adventures of a Triking Tubadour

TubaTreats follow Tough TubaTrikin…

For sure travelling through heavily trafficked built up areas is not always recreational – the map of North West England, between Liverpool and Manchester shows a labyrinth of intertwined motorways  – so yesterday’s riding was largely head down to get to my hosts Mike and Carin Johnson. Here’s me with Mike, (after a road grime descaling bath !)…. Mike is not only a highly accomplished and experienced freelance tuba player and teacher, but he has an.. Read More

New wheels complete – onward South

The wait for bespoke spokes was worth it, here in Lancaster.   Apologies to the general reader, but to have these lovely ICE SP20 Rims shod with readily available 20 inch Big Apple tyres aboard the TubaTrailer – laced into the now proven Sturmey Drum Brake Hubs….… is just great !  Please share my enthusiasm. Special thanks to Colin Stones of for wheelbuilding and other trike fettling and tweaking over the last 10 days or so…. .. Read More

New country – new TubaTrailer wheels….

Yes it was always the plan to build new sized wheels for the trailer on arrival in Lancaster and Morecambe district… North West England.  It’s at about the halfway point of my journey, between the top and bottom of mainland Britain. This post is a bit “techy”  –  so get used to it now ! Here’s me removing the Sturmey Archer drum brake dynamo hubs from the TubaTrailer 355 sized wheels. They will then be.. Read More

Lovely Leadhills and its Super Silver Band…

The picture says it all… Now Leadhills Silver Band is the highest band above sea level in Scotland – indeed, we think, in the UK.  It’s just a mile away from here: Reason enough, you might think, for a cycling Tuba Player to want to visit.  More than this, having seen Leadhills Silver Band perform on stage in the Perth Concert Hall earlier in the year, I knew that this outfit represents the.. Read More

Kindnesses when needed….

In large part, the reason for InnerTuba’s existence is to rise to musical and cycling challenges. Inevitably that means –  fairly routinely –   facing situations a tad beyond the comfort zone, in pursuit of its overall aims.  On my arrival at the campsite in Biggar, I was well and truly uncomfortable…. Soaking wet and very cold, I had just endured a rain and spray soaked ride down a busy road shared with huge quarry and logging lorries. Deplete of energy.. Read More