The Adventures of a Triking Tubadour

The InnerTuba TransCanada Tour … direction?

Pretty soon I will be deciding the direction of the TransCanada Tour. The issue is largely around weather. Many thanks to Jeff, a cyclist from St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador who advises… Hi Jon, Your project seems like an interesting one. Newfoundland weather can be fairly unpredictable in April. Even in May it’s not unheard of to get a good dumping of snow. Last May 24th weekend Gander got hit with two feet of snow overnight… Read More

Today is the first anniversary of dear Karin’s death. The revival of InnerTuba, and all plans leading to and including the TransCanada Tour are my tribute to her. Many thanks again to all who are helping. Jon.

New Music to be Arranged for InnerTuba!

John Iveson, musical arranger, conductor and now retired professional trombone player has generously agreed to arrange a piece for Solo Tuba and British style Brass Band. The work will comprise of a mix of music of Canadian origin. John will begin this ambitious work in April 2014 and InnerTuba plans to link up with brass bands both in the UK and Canada whilst touring, so there will be plenty of opportunities for bands to play the piece. The first.. Read More

Terrific TubaTrailer News!

The all new TubaTrailer chassis design is complete and the build is now underway. Many thanks to Peter Eland,  of Velovision Magazine, for the work he has put into the above design, plus all the support and encouragement he has given to InnerTuba over the years. Can’t wait for the road trials to begin!