Chris Young lives in Ballasalla, Isle of Man. He is pictured here with his Grandad’s bike.A steel framed Viking, with a standard Sturmey rear hub gear, but some rather unusual (retro fitted?) cantilever brakes.

Chris’s grandad, Wilf Cresswell set off from the Isle of Man on this steed in his 66th year. 3 years later he returned, having ridden all the way round the world on it. Chris has used it to commute to work and back since !

Wilf kept a journal, which apparently is kept by Chris’s brother, in Onchan, Isle of Man. It would be good to find out more about Wilf and his audacious adventures…

And Chris – good luck with the END 2 END CHALLENGE MOUNTAIN BIKE EVENT, ISLE OF MAN, today !

(He’s not using his Grandad’s bike for that!)