I was on the outskirts of Peel, Isle of Man, when I stopped to check directions to my performance at Peel Clothworkers School. But there was no one about to ask, until I looked up some scaffolding.

Aha – a roofer – he’ll do! So I shouted up to him.

After shouting back directions he said “That’s a Trice isn’t it?”

“Yes” I replied.

“I got an early one of them!”

“One of the Peter Ross stable?”

“Yes” he said. . .

So I went back after the show, shouted him down from the roof, and he took me to his garage. The photos say it all! He said the cross beam was replaced by the good people at ICE Trikes following a crash a few years ago, hence the more modern “Trice” decals.

Keep an eye out for Peel man Stewart Bennett and InnerTuba riding together this Saturday, from Peel to Union Mills.

It seems, if you need a recumbent trike friend, just look heavenward, folks !