So, as I was crossing the Forth Road Bridge approaching Edinburgh, a couple of fitness fanatical runners stopped to enquire about InnerTuba.  “We are flute players”, they said….Edconcband

Then I got this email from Tracey, sent via this website….

Hi Jon. I am one of the two flute playing runners that stopped to chat on the Forth Bridge. We play with Edinburgh Concert Band and if you are still in Edinburgh on Tuesday feel free to come along and join in with our rehearsal. We are a community wind band and are rehearsing for a concert next month, but if you fancy a wee blow along you are very welcome! Contact me for time and venue if you’re still around. If not, best of luck with your travels!

So the deal was done.  Thanks to accommodation generously arranged at short notice with Donald and Liz – I was able to attend. it’s a big band, with talented players who don’t shy from technically challenging repertoire. Why not go along to hear them in concert….

Summer sparkler 2016

Thanks to all at The Edinburgh Concert Band for your welcome.  And in answer to Conductor Sarah Cunningham’s suggestion – yes it would be great to work with you all again ! Keep in touch 🙂