I’ve reached my target – that of burning 10,500 calories at the Salt Ayre Sports Centre Gym during their “12 days of Christmas Calorie Cruncher Challenge”.

Why a target of 10,500 calories ?

Well, it’s like this. For every 3,500 calories burned, you earn a raffle ticket.

That means I’ve got 3 raffle tickets to go into the prize draw, with a chance of winning £75 worth of vouchers from a big name sports superstore!

But will I win?

It’s a nailbiter, folks… can you wait until January 5th to find out? Well you gonna have to!

If I do, it’s a new Heart Rate Monitor for InnerTuba 24 Hour Endurance Challenge training with Salt Ayre’s very own Andy Forrest.

Please wish InnerTuba luck with this, stay tuned into innertuba.org.uk for future developments and, above all, have a Happy New Year!