Today, join me in exploring the differences between a tuba and a hollow core concrete building block.

Here are two for starters:

  1. Cost.
  2. Weight.

Don’t worry yourselves too much about cost difference, but the weight difference! The one concrete block shown here, weighs in at 25.4kg – a tad under 3 times the weight of the tuba next to it….

a hollow core concrete building block and a tuba

In recent prototype trailer trials, I have been lugging 3 of these concrete blocks on top on a plywood flatbed.

The all up weight of the trailer, the concrete blocks, various tools, assorted fish sandwiches and restorative water comes in at around 95kg – far above the anticipated top load for InnerTuba long distance touring!

With 40 miles clocked up so far, the chassis is handling superbly on the flat. Today we see how it handles on steep ascents in dry road conditions.

We’ll go public with some photos of the design soon. A few more trials first followed by discussions of test findings with the good folks of Carry Freedom and ICE Trikes . ….

And another difference between a concrete block and a tuba? Quality of musical tone, perhaps …. No funnies please. Respect for the lowly tuba at all times! 🙂